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News from Latin America

Peru – Keiko Fujimori appears to have won the first round of Peru’s Presidential election, held on 10 April. She is the daughter of the former President, Alberto Fujimori, who is currently serving a 25 year prison term having been found guilty of various charges including embezzlement, bribery, murder, bodily harm, and kidnapping during his term of office (1990-2000).

Brazil – A Supreme Court justice ordered Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Vice President Michel Temer, accused of cooking the Government’s books to hide a large budget deficit ahead of President Dilma Rouseff’s re-election in 2014. The President herself is embroiled in a bribery scandal involving the state oil company Petrobras.

Argentina – President Mauricio Macri has been mentioned in the ‘Panama Papers’, the leaked files of law firm Mossack Fonseca. The leaked documents reveal that Macri, together with his father and brother, was a director of a firm registered in the Bahamas, a fact not disclosed in 2007 and 2008, when he was mayor of Buenos Aires. In a televised address, the president said he had complied with the law, “I have told the truth and I have nothing to hide.”

Colombia – A new round of Peace Talks between government negotiators and the FARC starts on 12 April 2016.

El Salvador – Computers and documents were seized from the local office of Mossack Fonesca at the end of last week in an operation overseen by the Attorney General’s office.