Uruguay is  regarded as one of the most environmentally sustainable countries in the world. It is reputed to have the cleanest air and purest water in South America, four times as many cattle as people and some 475 species of birds.  In addition there around 250 small-scale, family-owned wineries.

Uruguay offer visitors an appealing combination of  colonial influences, modern resorts, historic estancias and vineyards for rural getaways, great countryside and wildlife and hidden, untouched beaches. Discover one of South America’s lesser known secrets.



  • Whale-watching
  • Bird-watching
  • Surfing & Sailing
  • Riding


  • Punta del Este
  • Jose Ignacio
  • Cabo Polonio
  • Punta del Diablo


  • Excellent wines
  • Delicious cheeses
  • Great beef
  • Amazing olive oil

Architecture and Design

  • Colonial history
  • Art-Deco
  • Quirky
  • Modern chic

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This video provides an interesting introduction to Uruguay but whatever they say about Uruguay being a secular country (see 1’20) carnivals, Christmas and Easter are still referred to as such.

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Essential Reading

Website: Guru’Guay

We strongly recommend the Guru’Guay website about Uruguay written by  Karen A. Higgs, a British ex-pat who has lived there for a number of years.

She has also written some very helpful guidebooks which can be purchased via Amazon or via the www.guruguay.com websites and downloaded onto Kindle, tablets, pcs and smartphone devices.

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The Guidebooks are also available on Amazon


If you are in Uruguay, you can purchase the guidebooks from the following stockists:

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